How to bind RabbitMQ Queue to Exchange

What is Binding?

Binding is a connection which is referred as relation between Queue and Exchange.

Steps to Bind RabbitMQ queues to exchange:

  • Open Browser http://localhost:15672 (guest/guest)
  • Click on Queue Tab
  • Click on respective queue name
  • Scroll down and click on Binding and enter Exchange name and binding key and click on Bind Button.
    • RabbitMQ_Binding_Queue_With_Exchange_Enter_Routing_Key
    • RabbitMQ_Binding_Queue_With_Exchange_Binded
  • As we have successfully linked exchange with queue, In any case if you want to unbind it click on unbind button as shown below.
    • RabbitMQ_Binding_Queue_With_Exchange_UnBinded

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