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Java Tutorial

  1. What is java programming language
  2. Java oops concepts
  3. Basics of multithreading in java
  4. Java Lombok tutorial
  5. How to get next and previous date in Java
  6. What is collection in Java
  7. Java 8
  8. Java 9
  9. Java 13
  10. Java Concurrency
  11. Java Collections
  12. Java Algorithm
  13. Java Interview questions and answers

Python Tutorial

  1. Basics of python tutorial
  2. Python indentation
  3. Python comments
  4. Variables in python
  5. Data types in python
  6. Loops in Python
  7. Python switch case statement

RabbitMQ Tutorial

  1. Basics of RabbitMQ
  2. RabbitMQ exchanges
  3. How to create exchanges in RabbitMQ
  4. RabbitMQ queues in detail
  5. How to bind RabbitMQ queues to exchanges
  6. How to create users in RabbitMQ

Spring boot Tutorial

  1. Spring transaction management
  2. Set null for a string property by @value
  3. Spring boot  crud operations
  4. Build spring boot application
  5. Spring annotation
  6. Mapping a single entity to multiple table JPA